Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Button Swap partner, Must Love Junk!

I have to say, i was super excited to receive Susan from Must Love Junk as my swap partner this month. Why you ask? Because most of the stuff she has in her home, i want for myself, haha. Its true, every new post she puts up reveals some fascinating item that makes me think i gotta get me one of those.  Let me introduce you to her and some of the incredible finds she has acquired.

This is Susan and her husband Keith, they have been married for over 13 years. She owns a home decor shop with her mother. I find that really neat, its been the dream of Francine and I to start our own antique shop. She has an Etsy shop too that you all should check out. She is a self proclaimed decorating addict of everything vintage, farmhouse, rustic, etc. etc. No worries Susan, you are in good company here.
Now let me show you some of the amazing treasures that adorn her home. I LOVE the old industrial cart as a coffee table, i have wanted one for so long. I like the typewriter too.
This collection displayed on this wooden rack in her hallway is breathtaking, (p.s she has a good story that goes along with the rack). I love the feedsacks on the bottom and the old photos and frames above and everything in between. 
If you have been on her blog you have probably lingered enviously over this stack of suitcases. I dont know how she found so many when we had such trouble finding the three we have now. Whats your secret Susan?? 
This cabinet with the white ironstone is great. I especially like the vintage green seltzer bottles, alas i only have one myself and its blue, i still love it though.  Combined with the vintage box and column create a beautiful corner.  
Old camera's! I have a few myself, though they arent displayed together like this, and in such a cool cabinet. My favorite is the Brownie camera in the bottom right corner. I especially like old ones like that. 

I could literally go on and on. She has just about one of everything. Old letter racks, bird cages, bowling pins, antlers, she has got it all. Its dizzying really, you should all set aside a decent block of your day to check it out as i am sure once you see what i mean, you will be thrilled. 

But dont forget about little ol me either! I have yet to post about the day Francine and I had, she already posted about it on Ethereal plus what i love, entitled "Our Crazy Day". We both thought it would be nice for me to write my own version though, so check back for when i finally finish it. Thanks everyone!


  1. Visiting from must love junk, I'm your newest follower :)

  2. Hi Nate,

    I am going to head on over to Must Love Junk. She looks like she has a keen eye for picking up great vintage items. I must also add that I think you and Francine also have a wonderful eye for selecting great vintage items and decorating with them. :)

  3. great stuff love it all and many of what you like ,,,I like...I just don't post a lot...about my house or its contents..